Academic use of trip…

I have had, for quite some time, the urge to work outside of the UK.  Thanks to the post-doc I just accepted with Gabi it looks like I will be here until around August 2015, so that gives me time to sort out the publishing papers /presenting results side of my CV that’s a little weak at the moment (compared with the doing model-runs and crunching-data side).

Chris, and others, have pointed out that papers more than contacts are what gets jobs, so no doubt I need to work on that.  But in my experience of getting onto the PhD and in manouvering through various jobs here at Edinburgh, I have found it is my contacts that have opened doors.

So, it seems to me to make sense to try to meet people / give talks at a few of the universities that I’ll pass along the way. This should help to build contacts, give me a feel for what the universities and environment are like, force me to practice giving talks, and is probably one of those “good for my career” type experiences.

Of course this involves two things (1) having something to talk about and (2) finding places where that would fit.  But both those can be worked on.  Possible universities to visit…

  • Vancouver — University of British Columbia.  Their Earth, Ocean and Atmos Sciences dept —
  • Seattle — University of Washington.  Gabi has worked here.  So has Panos. I think both in Atmospheric sciences — — although they also have an Earth Sciences department —
  • Portland — ?
  • San Francisco — ?
  • LA — ?
  • San Diego — University of California at San Diego.

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