Tour of California

Including a link for the ToC. The course changes every year but much of it will be along where you’re riding so I thought it might save some planning time to just copy the pros. 

Ok, I just looked at the website and it’s riding south to north (first time ever). So that’s a little less helpful than intended. Womp Womp. 

Also, I think this page should include a countdown to the ride. I’m sure on of you techy boys could get that sorted. 


One thought on “Tour of California

  1. AWESOME! Can totally just run the course backwards, that’ll be fine.

    Speaking of womp womp — Archer’s back! Go watch it! Maybe you already have and that’s what the cryptic “go watch Bob’s Burgers” thing was about? If it was, thanks, helped me enjoy Archer all the more!

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