Plans: Edinburgh to Seattle

Since I keep forgetting..

Fly: Edinburgh -> Toronto (direct), 10.15am departure on Wednesday 24th (land 12.45pm local time)

Drive: Toronto <–> New York.  Depart Thursday (25th) with Mel for WildWood. Possibly watch a Worlds U23 game first.  Return: on Monday (29th).

Fly: Toronto –>  Vancouver on Wednesday 7th of August, at 11am (land 13.07 local time).

Shop and sight-see in Vancouver.

Cycle ride::

Day 1 (Saturday, August 10th) Vancouver –> Birch Bay State Park, Washington. Short 40 mile day to get started. *Need to book this!*

Day 2 (11th) Birch Bay –> ? (still researching option. Somewhere near Arlington, but no state parks there) ?

Day 3 (12th) ?(see above)? –> Seattle. <insert Kyla’s friend’s address here>


Status update…


Pannier rack..check (from ribble, disc specific)

Power -on-the-go…dynamo hub and new wheel built by Ronde. USB output purchased, and being fitted to bike tomorrow. Need to order an electrical connector.

Bike pump…check

Garmin…on bike.  Black zip-ties to install measuring device – maybe ask at EdBikeCoop?  Purchase new CR2032. Also look into US maps for it.

Bottles & cages…check (from Ribble, as broke my carbon one). One 750ml bottle, one 500ml one from Kelley 🙂

Bought a new 6-rotor disc and a converter as dyno hub was centre-lock (both from SJS). Ronde built a new wheel over wknd for it, using the existing rim, and recycled the spokes (trimmed them).  The converter hasn’t arrived yet; the rotor disc is less needed. But I suppose is a perfectly good spare.

Spare tyres..check (continental gatorskins, 2x from Ribble, and accidentally also 2x from SJS)

Light-weight summer clothing…check (a set of Rapha from Ronde, and a UCI WorldChamp jersey from Ribble)

To purchase next…

  • ? Did I order inner tubes yet ?
  • saddle bag.  Pick a medium sized one, that you can use regularly when you get back.

To purchase after some more analysis…

  • cycling shoes that are less hot!
  • front bag / front of top-post bag. Depends on how much space I need — need to pack panniers first!

Overnight temperatures..

I was trying to work out what sleeping bag to get for the ride — my current one is synthetic so doesn’t pack small, and is 3-4 season so too warm (and again, doesn’t pack small/light).  So, I figured I’d need overnight minimum temperatures, and that’s what this is, a list of the climatological-mean daytime-highs and overnight-lows for various spots along the coast for when I expect to be there..

The overnight lows are warmer than I expected.  The upside is I can take an even-lighter bag.