A little more on weight of stuff

George weighs 17.1kg.  That’s him w/out water bottles or panniers bags, but with saddle bag, handlebar bag, carbo-bag, pump, bottle+pannier racks, in addition to the fixed extras (dyno hub, USB top-cap).  Heavier than I was expecting, to be honest.

In addition..

  • each front pannier bag weighs 0.8kg
  • each rear pannier bag weighs 1.0kg (despite being quite a bit bigger!)
  • Tent + dry-bag is 2.7kg
  • My clothes are 2.6kg, with jeans+belt adding another 0.9kg
  • Toilitries are 1.7kg (!)
  • Spare cycle gear (red jacket, spare bib, 2x spare jerseys, 1bag to hold) is 0.9kg
  • My red shoes are 0.7kg !
  • Sleeping bag+compression bag is 0.6kg
  • medi kit is 0.6kg
  • paper maps is 0.3kg
  • charger+adapter is 0.2kg
  • head torch 0.1kg

I also carry up to 3.7kg in water (2.1 in my platypus, the remainder in bottles).

The individual bags hold..

  • Front Left (3.5) = Sleeping bag, spare cycle clothes, medi-kit, paper maps, head torch
  • Front right (3.5) = spares tyres+tubes, pedal tool, + food
  • Rear left (5.7) = filled platypus,  shoes, jeans, roll mat, charger&adapter, small paperwork, bike lock
  • Rear centre (2.7) = tent, spork
  • Rear right (5.5) = clothes, toiletries, gift

So all in, that’s 79.4kg of me, plus 17.1kg of George, and 20.9kg of baggage, to make 117.4kg that has to go up each hill!

Also, I culled about 2.4kg of clothes & assorted items.  I may yet add the jeans, some medi-kit stuff, the carbo-bag, and one of my two spare tyres to that.


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