Day 4: (rest) sightseeing in Seattle

Spent the day catching up with Kyla, and doing some very simple exploring of Seattle. We didn’t get off until late, maybe 12, partly as we both enjoyed the lie-in (me catching up on missed sleep from the previous few days riding, her from trying to get over jetlag) and because I needed to setup a download to my Garmin of the open Street Maps (open source, high quality, free maps, that are at least as good as the Garmin maps, but don’t cost £60!).

With that done, we headed downtown, first stop was the Space Needle, a big public viewing tower in the centre of downtown Seattle.

Then a quick visit to Five’s warehouse-cum-salesroom, and picked up my funky new shorts that I’d bought online after seeing a guy wearing them at Wildwood.

Walked through the Pikes Place market; apparently a Seattle landmark. Seemed nice enough, but I’m never that fussed about these things. I think I prefer wandering amongst the locals, than amongst other tourists. Also, it felt a little weird to be back to seeing just small chunks of a city on foot, rather than being able to whizz around on bike.

Came out of there, got a new (bigger) SD card for the Garmin, as the maps wouldn’t fit on the old one. Then on way back to car passed an outdoor shop and remembered  been wanting to replace my jeans & waterproof trousers with a single pair that could serve both purposes, and trim something off of the 1kg weight that jeans & belt adds.


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