Day 8: Lake Quinault to Westport

The last day with Kyla. A lovely morning for the ride to Aberdeen (79km). We stopped in Hoqiam library to fix my Garmin. Then went into a food stop on the outskirts of Aberdeen for lunch, including yam burger (not as exciting as it sounded) and an Enormous slice of pie.

Then onto the car rental place, which we got to at about 3.45. Kyla then drove me the last ?? miles out to Twin Harbor State Park, on the outskirts of Westport.

I setup tent, then headed into town. Its pretty desolate here. The coffee shop – Tinderbox – looked funky, but was closed at 6pm :(. The town is long, thin, and appears to just do fishing, and to have seen better days, judging by the appearance of the housing. There was a funky art shop at the end of the street, which was pleasant, despite the grey oppressive sky. But I didn’t hang about long. Hopped over the road to The Islander bar for a couple of beers, and in the end stayed for a bite to eat. Bar full of weird mixture of fishing captains and tourists. Came out to find it is drizzling, and I’m gonna get soaked on way back to tent. On the upside, my new Mammut trousers seem pretty water resistant.


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