Day 9: (rest) My birthday!

Day off! Rainy start. Skyped and emailed from 10-4 in Tinderbox cafe and the local library. Fixed my Garmin with a hard reset.

Went to do washing at 4. The sun came out. The town looked completely different.

In the laundromat I met a local called Trina who turns out to be a couchsurfer, as well a seasonal fisherwoman. After our washing was done we went to a tiny brewery-bar in a garage, then to Trina’s boat to look round, and for a roast beef sandwich. Then The Islander for my first oyster (in a shot, with cocktail sauce), and then a local bar to try Shuffleboard, then finally to the Mermaid for drinks and dancing. When the barstaff discovered it was my birthday I got a free shot, after which was my cue to go home – don’t want to make tomorrow’s miles any harder!

Its amazing how different I felt 24hrs later. The previous evening I had felt quite despondent; alone, and not particularly happy about where I was. Now I feel reinvigorated. Time to ride on!


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