Route Plan: Aberdeen to Mendocino

9, Sat 17th: Day off.  Stay in Twin Harbour State Park.

10, Sun 18th: 80 miles, to Cape Disappointment State Park. Raymond about 1/3 of way in, then nothing much until the town at the end.

11, Mon 19th: 50 miles to Jones Beach (free). Stop for lunch in Astoria.

12, Tues 20th: 113 km (70 miles) to Portland.

13, Weds 21st: Sightsee in Portland — see list on bit of paper from bike shop.

14, Thurs 22nd: do work / sightsee. Leave in afternoon. Head 40km (25 miles) to Wilsonville for Fry’s. Then on 17 miles to stay at Champoeg State Heritage Area.

15, Fri 23rd: 142 km (88 miles) via due West to Willamina, then Northwest on 22 to Cape Lookout State Park.

16, Sat 24th: 103 km (64 miles) to South Beach State Park.

17, Sun 25th: Check out Newport and Southbeach (12km). Cycle 26 km (16 miles) on to Beachside.

18, Mon 26th: 118km (73 miles) to Coos Bay. Stay in a motel in town?

19, Tues 27th: 76.5 km (48 miles) to Cape Blanco State Park

20, Weds 28th: ??+88.7km (65 miles) to Harris Beach State Park

21, Thurs 29th: 100.9 km (63 miles) to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

22, Fri 30th: 80 km (50 miles) to Eureka – stay with Brendan’s connections.

23, Sat 31st: 126 km (86 miles) to Richardson Grove State Park

24, Sun 1st: 97 km (60 miles) to Fort Bragg – be there by 3! Meet Kelley and Craig. Then 16 km (10 miles) to Mendocino for dinner. Then 5 km (3 miles) to campsite at Van Damme.


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