Day 10: Westport to Cape Disappointment

141km, plus another 1.9 each way to the beach, and another 1 just pottering around, so 146 total for day.
Slow morning. Started late, due to drinking the night before + drizzle.  Got pretty wet, and moved pretty slow toward lunch in South Bend. Just before arriving in Raymond, met a fellow traveller, doing it light-weight in a nice racing bike.

Lunch was a Chinese place called Chen’s (thanks peach guy for the advice). Mmm, tasty! That was lunch, from 12.40 to 1.40. In the afternoon the weather cleared out nicely and I got a nice bit of speed on, burning 2200 calories doing the afternoon 70k.

Beautiful, and very flat (600m climbed, total over the 140km, with a finish on a sunset facing wide beach that ran for a few miles; thought mum would probably have loved it.

Other stats…
(Keeping here as not sure how to do day-day resets on the garmin)
3200 calories burnt,
Total time 10.20–17.45 = 7hrs 25mins
Ride time 6hrs 10mins
avg Speed 23.2km/hr
avg Cadence n/a (sensor got confused)
avg HR 138 bpm


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