Day 11: Cape Disappointment to Jones’ Beach

Saw a seal! And a trio of pelicans synchronously dive bombing for fish. Very cool. Also last night as I was cycling about for a shower I came upon a deer, just happily munching on grass. I think it was as surprised as I was; silly George being so silent! Oh, and I got buzzed by some bats.

My legs feel good. Not in slightest bit worried about 50miles now – that’s only 3hrs ride!

Long pause in Astoria (circa 2.5hrs) to get George’s stand tightened, which turned into a general tweaking of various nuts and bolts, and the spotting of a crack in the front tyre where the tube was pushing through. Swapped for one of the new tyres I was carrying, kept old and bought a patch for the tyre, though appears to only work when an inner tube is pressing it into place.

Restarted around 5, and was slow for quite a while. Couple of hills, but nothing in particular that could explain. I had skipped lunch, since I’d had a sandwich and snack around 12.30 shortly before leaving. Who knows? Legs felt okay though, plodded through rather than yesterday’s speed fest. Left knee a little painful now. And need to sort out speed/cadence measure as its giving false readings (a cadence avg of 170 over a 50mile ride is clearly wrong!)

Somewhere this afternoon I passed the 1000km mark, finishing the day on 1051km for the trip so far. Also, I’m now in Oregon, so one state down, two to go.

Continuing the spotting-animals theme, this afternoon I saw a lizard, a buzzard (I think, or an eagle), and a black-and-white stripped thing, which I think might be called a skunk.

Settled in at the beach now. Got here about 7.30, but took 20 mins to scope a spot I was happy with. Then another 20 to get the tent up as it was rather blowy! (Solved by piling bags inside first!) Setup by some picnic tables, which I’ve tied two of the newly-chopped & attached guy ropes onto. I then watched a lovely sunset as I had dinner.

It’s beautiful here, down by the shore.  This is now my 4th straight night in a tent, possibly a new record for me, though possibly DofE was longer – a week? Certainly this year sets a new record for number of nights under canvas — 3 at MT, 3 at Como, 6 at OT, and 5 this trip so far (not counting my Scout hut night) making 17 already.

Oh. Should write down the stats, in case the Garmin doesn’t record them..
odometer..1051 km
Today..78.7 km
Time…3 hrs 30 mins
Climbed..651 m
Avg speed..22.5 km/hr
Avg HR…128 bpm
Avg Cadence..n/a (still playing up)
Calories…1551 cal


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