Day 12: Jones’ Beach to Portland

It’s 5.45am, and we’re in the pre-dawn light (sunrise is at 6.15). I’ve rolled back both parts of the tent and opened the door, despite the cool wind, to allow me to watch the Eastern horizon.

I still haven’t worked out the trick to sleeping well in a tent when wild. I think I was okay when with Phil many years ago in the Western Highlands, though that ended in disaster (we got flooded at around 1am). Here I guess I’ve only done it twice, I’ve been alone both times, and worrying about “will someone try to steal George?” I think it might be worth trying to pop off George’s front wheel and fit him in with me.  That, and I can’t get comfortable on my side, on this mat. Wondering if I should’ve gone for a replacement with more thickness, like Kyla’s.

Despite the early rise, I stayed at the beach til 9.30. Then stopped around 11-12 for a coffee and internet hookup.

Then completely buzzed through the afternoon. Knocked out 90mins worth of 27.8km/hr (fast, in non-tourer speak) over ground that had no net height change but rolled a bit.

I stopped for lunch in Scahousie, grabbed a veggie+black bean burrito – YUM!. Outside the place I met a fellow cyclist, who happened to live in Portland called Sylvia, who gave me lots of tips on recumbent bikes. I am definitely going to check one out when back in the UK.

I took an hour for lunch, most of which was spent trying to get some internet searching done for accommodation. In the end I gave up, and told the Garmin to take me to Clever Cycles. A nice enough place, very helpful stuff, but not that amazing a bike shop. Did learn a bit about balance bikes (suitable for 1.5–4yr olds).

On route, as I came across town I almost wiped myself out on some tram tracks, which I tried to cross at too narrow an angle and got wedged in. In the middle of busy traffic. Thankfully I kept upright, but I think something might be wrong with George’s front wheel/hub/disc alignment. Going to have to get him looked at.

It was 107.7km to Clever Cycles, at which point I switched off my Garmin. I then headed to the tourist info in Pioneer Square (2.4km), who directed me to the conference centre motels (3.0km), which I had passed on my way into town! Oh well, got to see a bit of downtown.

Settled on a place called The Inn At The Conference Centre. Not amazing, but for $80/night its much better than what I got in Vancouver. Room is BIG, with two doubles, sufficient that George can have his own bed!

Off now to check out Velocult (4.3km): half-bar, half-bike-shop, totally awesome!

Odometer…1172.3 km

Today’s totals..

Distance 113.1km

All other stats based on 107.7km..
Climbed.. 536m
Avg speed.. 26.7 km/hr
Avg cadence..n/a (still not right)
Avg heart rate..137 bpm
Calories.. 2486


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