Day 16: Cape Lookout to South Beach

Set off earlier than have done recently, at 8.45. Knocked off the 7km (250m) climb in the first half hour, and it was easy from there, all the way to Pacific City (about 20km down the coast).

Grabbed coffee in Cafe Stimulus, spilt it all over me. Got a 2nd coffee, and a slice of cake, and settled in. Already seen several of the other riders from last night; I’ve been told this is how it will be from now onwards, moving as something of a train. One of them even care,me into the Coffee shop to let me know they had arrived, and were going for beer, but I didn’t pick up on the implied invitation. Perhaps I didn’t want to, but more likely I was preoccupied with internet-based connections with home.

Next stop is 38km time, lunch in Lincoln City. Had googled best places to go, top rated was the Dog Cafe, specialises in hot dogs, not the ideal biker lunch, but I hadn’t had one since I arrived, so I thought why not. Encountered a big climb (250m, perhaps?) just before Lincoln City, but kept a good steady pace all the way up it, and absolutely tore it up on the way down. Which reminds me, got careless on this morning’s first descent and ended up drifting put to the centre line on a right-hand bend (ie where my direction is the inside lane) and a car came the other way. Managed to clear it and keep things under control, but it was tight. Also reminds me that I can’t seem to get George to do more than about 64kph (40mph). Not sure why, definitely got up to more like 67/68 kph earlier in the journey.

Anyhow, beasted hill, got to edge of town, used McDonald’s to confirm address, had 20mins to cover 90 blocks before they closed. Bust a gut, but managed it in 15, only to have them declare they’re closed 5 mins early. Bugger. Grabbed a fruit smoothie and ham+cheese sandwich from a next door coffee shack, which I eat whilst fuming.

From there it’s a further 45km to the South Beach State Park. Which I get back on, having been informed there is a Mexican restaurant in Dehoe Bay. I stop in the bay, shortly after a bridge declaring “worlds smallest harbour”, which sounded impossibly cute. It was okay, but as I turned away to walk back to the bike I realised that behind me was the Mexican restaurant! I took the hint, ordered the daily special of 2*quesadillas, and AAT outside, drying the tent, checking some emails, and watching the sea crash on the shore.

Cold spot initially, gave way to a lovely ride along Otter Rd.

By the way, I’m loving Oregon state parks – $5 or $6 for hiker/biker camping, free hot showers (in Washington they were 50¢ for 3mins), and no need to prebook — as a hiker/biker you’re guaranteed a spot!

Today’s stats..
Odometer…1464 km
Climbed… 1060m (!)
Time..n/a forgot timer
Avg speed… 21.7 kph (man those hills slowed me down!)
Avg HR.. 139 bpm
Avg Cadence… 76
Calories.. 2402

New record for nos of metres climbed.


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