Day 17: South Beach to Beach side

Last night I think I had my first smore (for non-Americans, that’s a sweet biscuit sandwich, with a filling comprised of a layer of chocolate and a layer of marshmallow). Met some NOAA workers- the NOAA pacific fleet is now based in Newport, and their ship was broken so they had time to kill. We chatted for a couple of hours whilst having my dinner. They had a campfire going which was nice.

Today was meant to be a day off, but I wasn’t feeling it, so moved 26 km further down the coast to Beachside State Park, just south of Waldport. Sun came out a bit, so after spending the morning hiding in Starbucks (the only place offering WiFi in this quiet, nothing, of a town) I’ll got on my way.

Also, that short ride helped to cut tomorrow down from a 96 mile day to more like a 76 miler. Still need to set aside some time for finishing off some work (still! Gah!) and for catching up on missed blog posts, etc, but 30km was less than 1.5hrs, with maybe 30mins each end for packing up/setting up, so that left time – in fact it feels a little weird to be putting clothes out at 4, and sitting here typing this at 5.30; usually I’d still be on the road until 6.30ish.

Now sat in a pizza place called Grand Central, ready for my first pizza of the trip! (Ollie would be upset its taken this long!). Feel much happier here than I did in South Beach. The beach here is nicer, and emptier, the long slow dip off the afternoon sun has definitely helped my mood, as I sit here looking out over the harbour, watching the local fishermen pulling up their bottom cages.

End of day stats..

Odometer… 1509 km
Today’s distance… 44.3 km
Time.. 1hr 58mins
Climbed… 279 m
Avg speed.. 22.4 kph
Avg HR.. 128 BPM
Calories.. >1143 (no HR for last 10km, so prob about 1378, based on 25 calories per km)


2 thoughts on “Day 17: South Beach to Beach side

    • Not pleasant! – thanks for the warning Sharon! I’m equipped with repellant, though thankfully haven’t had cause to use it yet. I’ll arrive in Coos Bay tomorrow, relaxing the day after, then going through Brandon around mid-afternoon the day after that. I’ll make sure if I get restless again on my rest day Not to stop there!

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