Day 18: Beachside to Sunset Bay

Got up at 7, packed up. Sun was out so had breakfast on beach – lovely! Got on way at 8.30. It’s cold (8.9C) so had sleeves, second jersey, and my full length jacket. Can see my exhaled breath condensing. Toes a little cold, but will warm up quick.

Stopped for 5mins at 9, to remove my outer jacket, and start writing this. Lots of clouds out to sea, but still nice here at the moment.

Last night was cold, but sleeping bag did the job – in fact I woke up to find I’d got a bit too warm and had started sweating! I slept to the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the beach, a lovely soothing monotony. For a moment I had contemplated that I was in a Tsunami region (there are signs Everywhere) but sleep won over that pretty quick.

Slow morning. Barely managed 21kph over the distance to Florence (48ish km, with 500m climb). The headwind was a pain. But the views! Wow, every hill was a climb up to a headland, and then as you summit you’re rewarded with a view along a sandy-shored coastline, and a long descent/flat alongside that shore, before the next headland.

Stopped for coffee in Florence at 11ish, for an hour.

Met Daniel again – him arriving as I leave. He mentioned there was an Irish guy called Brendan on the road in front of me that he had been biking with that morning.

Sure enough, I met up with him a few hills later and we road the rest of the day together. Brendan is riding down from Alaska to Tiera del Fuego, then up from S.Africa to Egypt, then round the Middle East and up through Europe to his home in Belfast. He reckons it’ll take him 4 years (he’s 25), and about £8k total. That’s £6 a day to live on!

We stopped in Reedsport for lunch (a takeaway burrito for me). Really interesting chatting to Brendan about all afternoon, and nice to have a riding buddy.

We had a headwind for much of the day, grrr. Sometime today I passed the 1000 miles (1600km), which is kind of cool. Small in comparison to Brendan’s 4000 miles, but big for me, and that’s what matters.

Came over a lovely bridge into Coos Bay, and picked up food at a Safeway. But then as it was getting late (6pm) and we had another 10km to go to Sunset Bay we busted on, so saw little of Coos Bay.

Today’s stats are off by about 8km, because I forgot to start the timer after lunch..

Odometer… 1639 km (will correct to 1648).
Distance..130 km (actual distance 138km)
Climbed.. 1132m
Time… 6hrs 35mins
Avg speed… 19.8 kph
Avg HR… 126 BPM
Avg cadence… n/a
Calories… 2651


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