Half now of days done. How is my body doing?

I am halfway through my holiday, though the first 10 days or so were not cycling. And I’m just about to hit the thousand mile mark, so it seems a good point to check in on my body..

I don’t appear to have any constant aches, which is nice. What I do have, occurs infrequently..

* Had been getting pain in right shoulder early on in ride, but hasn’t reappeared of late.
* Minor shooting pain (sciatica?) in low back/bum region, left side.
* Numbness in hands, a few days ago.
* At end of longer days often get pain in lower neck/upper back – that seems simple, it’s just the posture.
* More commonly, pain in a ligament in the back of my left knee.

Nothing there that (yet) seems too bad, which is nice.


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