Day 19: Sunset Bay to Cape Blanco

Started at 8.45.
Seven devils Highway. Lovely. Climbing, but happily so.
Old Seven Devils Highway. Stony / not sealed. Obvious from start, so I considered options for a few minutes. Detour on sealed road added about 15km, not terrible. Decided to follow old highway though. Not quite sure why. It was sure fun, going downhill on George, on close to cyclo-cross conditions. Harder work on the first short uphill, which I got off an pushed (not enough grip on the stones).

At the top of that small rise as i was coming into a longish descent, the trees rolled back giving me a good look at how much more lay in front, and at that particular moment I got a flat.

Changed tyre, simple enough. As I did so, I took stock. Looked at Garmin. 9.5km forward, potentially on this broken surface all the way, vs 2.5km back (and then that 15km detour on the road).

Decided back. Had to push bike for first 750m (not enough grip on road). Path improved and levelled out as I went — how did I not notice it degrading? I guess it just seemed terrible from the start! Cycled the last 1.5km, thankfully. Was so haply to see the road! And then a gorgeous 20km of perfect tarmac and rolling hills, mostly descent. So glad I went back. Right decision. Though do feel a but silly for trying the old highway in the first place – why did I do it??

Got in to lunch at Bandon at 12.15. No mosquitoes in sight, thankfully. Grabbed coffee and lunch, and some Skype time, then headed to library to get this work done. Sorted some route planning. Left library at 6, headed for Cape Blanco (45km ish down the coast).

Lovely evening ride, really enjoyed it. The sunset at 8.04; I was rear light on from about 7.30, front light from about 8, but didn’t need it to see where I was going until pretty much I summited the hill that the park is on — note to self, if you pick places named “Cape X” or “Lookout Y” you WILL have a hill at the end of your day! Thankfully this one was an easier one, though did have a small section of gravel, which I found slightly amusing given my earlier adventures!

As I got up onto the cape and turned toward the camp I could see the lighthouse going, in the dusk. Would’ve been a cracking photo but no way this camera could capture it.

Setup camp in the dark (8.35-9). But was fine. Realized its easiest if I put the roof on the tent after I’ve got everything out and into / around the gang already.

Only one other hiker/biker here called Warren – a nice guy, quality beard, a nurse, from Portland, who was travelling north back to Portland. Chatted to him over dinner, and consequently didn’t get to bed til midnight – which felt soo late!! Hence writing this now, at 8.30am, rather than being on the road already. Right time to go. Here’s the days stats…

Odometer… 1724 km
Distance… 76.5 km
Climbed… 833 m
Time… 3hrs 53mins
Avg speed… 19.7 kph
Avg HR… 134 BPM
Avg cadence… n/a
Calories… 1980


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