Day 20: Cape Blanco to Harris Beach

Late departing (9.45) because had been chatting away to my fellow hiker/biker Warren, of Portland (a trauma nurse) about bike flouring and such. Nice guy. As I sat there I kept getting whiffs of pine, blowing in on the wind.

Had a lovely 15km ride in to Port Orford where I found a library to do some work in for several hours. Tried to find the post office; failed. Tried to change my Canadian $20; failed. Grabbed a burrito to go and left town at about 3, for the 45km to Gold Beach, telling Josh I’d Skype with him when I got there, thinking it would be about 5.  A rubbish headwind, and a feeling of sluggiahness in my legs, all the way slowed me down, such that I arrived at 5.30.

By the time I’d done my food shopping, and gchatted with Josh (thanks for the free WiFi Gold Beach Town Hall) it was 6, and 40-odd km to go.  Oh well, got on with it. Turned out to be a lovely ride, I do love riding in the early evening.  It got to about 7.45, 10km to go, and I saw a couple of other campgrounds, which I was te,opted to stop at.  I decided, don’t quite know why, to stick to my plan, and was rewarded upon arriving at Harris Beach by discovering that Brendan was also there. Happy days. Quick chat, food, shower, bed.

The campsite is practically (though crucially, Not) in the town of Brookings. Think 1.2 miles to the town centre.

Oh, and random story of the day — whilst in the shower, a man came in with his dog. It had been sprayed by a skunk. Had never smelt it before, it’s Very potent, into the back of your throat. He was trying to clean of the dog using soap and tomatoes. Hmm. Weird mix. Today’s lesson — do *not* get sprayed by a skunk!!

Today’s stats..

Odometer…1828 km
Distance… 15.0+88.7 = 103.7 km
Climbed… 85+931 = 1016 m
Time…  42mins + 4hrs 32/mins = 5 hrs 14 mins
Avg speed… 21.2+19.5 = 103.7/5hrs 14 = 19.8 kph
Avg HR… 126+131 bpm = (5292+35652)/314 mins = 130 bpm
Avg cadence…n/a
Calories… 337+2017 = 2354


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