Day 22: Prairie Creek Redwoods to Eureka

Lovely late morning. Got up after 7, no rush, we weren’t leaving til 10. Had time to dry the tent, have a shave, potter about. This is what the whole trip should be about! Glorious surroundings too.

Beautiful little (pop 311!) place called Trinidad for lunch stop. Had clam chowder, in a bread bun — win!!

Bought white wine for our hosts (Sally & Kevin Coyne, whose children wrre also out cycle touring, and Brendan had made their acquaintance in Alaska) from a local winery located directly over the road from our lunch spot. Turns out she and her husband don’t drink. Oops. Still, was nice enough.

Afternoon ride was easy enough, generally quite flat and very speedy along the highway. Max speed today was 64 kph (40mph). Had a couple of little races for speed signs. One of them showed me at 28 mph on the flat.

Staying in their nice place, for free, tonight. Thanks entirely to Brendan. Enormous meal of ratatouille, BBQ chicken breast, and med veg. Ate far more than I needed. Delicious apple crisp for dessert.

Today’s stats..

Odometer… 2004 km (still off from yesterday, and now today)
Distance… Oli — 84.9, Brendan — 85.5. Both lost some of the journey. Brendan reckons his lost 2km, so 87.5km total.
Climbed… 623 m (lost a little)
Time… 6hrs 1 non (that’s total as I gave up with auto-pause today)
Avg speed… 14.1 kph (again, different from previous; are above)
Avg HR… 104 bpm (see above)
Calories… 1574


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