Day 23: Eureka to Richardson Grove

Damp, misty start. Biggish breakfast (cereal and a muffin). Lots of chat, which was lovely, so didn’t get on road til 9.30.  The Coins were a lovely couple, and Brendan has been interesting conversation. It was a good to spend time with them.

I then had a fast first 50km (26.3 kph avg).  Legs felt good. Was worried I missed the ave of the giants – had exit 674 in my head from a sign about a mile out of Eureka, which was exit 700, and no other signs after that so started wonder if I’d made it up, but phew! saw a sign saying 2miles to the Ave of the Giants. And a vista/information point.

Double win, stopped for a snack and info.  Info was pretty muvh zero, but view was nice enough. Whilst there three American roadies came up –  it is a three day weekend here and they were using it to blast from Eureka to SF.

Time to get back on the road, roughly 70km to go, with 49.5 of those on the Ave of the Giants. Total win.

Barely a mile or so along the A.o.t.G. I spotted a little road side produce place that I got an apple, a purple pepper, an orange tomato, and a small melon from. I say small, it was still 3lbs (about 1.2kg, or the weight of my sleeping bag and rollmat combined).

No lunch stop per se today, just stopped for snacks occasionally.

Lost one of the pass inside my helmet. A front o. It had been a bit ropey for ages, so not a great surprise, but still, annoying. I should have put the front pads in my handlebar bag whilst the helmet was strapped to the bike — I’ve taken to not wearing it on non-highway sections, such as the A.o.t.G. since the risk-reward skews away from risk there, and the reward, for me, is that it is hot out here (26-30C yesterday) and I seem to sweat primarily through my head!

I have to meet people tomorrow, at a particular time, so probably need a plan. According to Mr. Garmin it is 92.5km to Fort Bragg (the meet point), which he thinks will take me 4hrs 17mins to cover. Add an hour for photos and snacks. Perhaps add an hour for early WiFi check. That makes 6.5hrs. Need to arrive by 3. Aim for 2.30. So leave at 8. Up at 7. Done.

Random thoughts, triggered by talking about Avocado. Does it contain protein?

Anyway, now thinking about dinner…

1* 20g protein bar, or shake, depending on what’s available. Calories?
* Each wrap is 110 cal,
* Cheese serving is 28g, 110 cal. I *guess* I have 2 servings, per wrap, so that’s 220 cal,
* salami serving is 3 slices, 80 cal. I have 4 per wrap, ie 1.3 servings, which is 107 cal.
* 1/4 to 1/3 of an avocado…?
* 1/3 of a tomato..??
* two thin slices of pepper. I’m guessing no cals in that??

Then often an apple for dessert.

Total calorie intake at dinner is..

Day’s stats…
Odometer… 2144 km (now includes correction for last two days, I think)
Distance… 127.9 km
Time… 5hrs 40mins
Climbed… 993 m
Avg speed… 22.5 kph
Avg heart rate… 136 bpm
Calories… 2866


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