Day 24: Richardson Grove to Van Damme state park

Terrible nights sleep. MUST learn to work harder to find flat ground to set up tent on!

Woke up at 4.30am, needing to pee. Beautiful night; clear-sky and a million stars were visible. Was contemplating removing the outer of the tent, and just sleeping under the fly to enjoy the view, but wasn’t sure if it would get damp and dewy, and tiredness won out.

Slow first 15km.
As I joined Highway One – finally!! – at Leggett I turned West, and headed down to river level. I then started what turned out to be a very BIG hill. It went from sub 450m to in excess of 650m. Easily my biggest climb so far.

Met the three American roadies at top of hill. Rode the descent, the next climb, next descent, and some of the sea flats together. They pulled away, and we left it at that. Whilst I was the riding with them (the three Alex’s) I was able to push myself harder than I usually can. (As well as benefit from cruising in their wind shadow). Really good fun riding as a group of roadies (even if George was panniered up).

After they pulled away I rode on for about another 10km before stopping for lunch, on a random roadside cliff south of Westport. Watched some surfers whilst wolfing down my remaining food. Then blitzed the remaining 21km to Fort Bragg. Really powered along.

The Tap Room was closed, so I found a coffee room and msg’d the guys to say. We agreed to meet 15km down the road in Mendocino. A good frappucino white chocolate mocha and chocolate brownie. Yum. Then back on the road, Again, blasted through those 15km. Yay.

Then met Craig and Kelley, rode on to the campsite, setup the tent and showered. And headed back to Fort Bragg for beer tasting (it had now opened) and stayed for pizza!

Then to the glass beach, then back to the campsite.

Today’s stats…
Odometer… 2261 km
Distance… 116.45 km
Time taken… 5hrs 33 mins
Climbed… 1567 m
Calories… 3171
Avg speed… 20.9 kph
Avg HR… 142 bpm
Max speed… 79.2 kph !! (That’s just shy of 50mph!)


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