Day 26: Bodega Bay to San Francisco

Rode the first 40 km on my own. A lovely blast out through rolling countryside, with barely any traffic at all on the roads and clear blue skies — reminded me of riding in the south downs at home with mum.

Met Kelley and Craig outside Tony’s Seafood restaurant (?where?). They cycled the next 16 miles whilst I drove on. I’d barely found the right distance to pull over, got bike stuff hung out to dry, and restocked on food when they had arrived!

I rode the next section with Kelley, lovely, a couple of bigger climbs, but unladen it was a pleasure to ride up them. Came down a big fun descent, met Craig at the bottom, rode up out of the valley with him, another reasonable but enjoyable climb, and then a lively descent which we were held up on, by….the cars! Ha! Then flat into and through Sausalito, which is the town on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It reminds me of a St. Tropez type place, lots of waterside dining, lovely weather, people just wandering along.

After the short steep climb from sea-level up to bridge level (about 100m up) we met up with Kelley on the North side of the bridge, cycled across together – it was Very busy, no surprise there – jumped in the car AMS drove to find a lunch spot. Craig remarked that it felt peculiar to see so many shops/buildings/people having got used to rising through small villages containing perhaps just one convenience store, a bar, a cafe, a wood carving shop, and the usual, smattering of galleries.

After our late lunch we picked up a hire car and headed out to Truckee, next to Lake Tahoe, about 3hrs drive NW. The drive around the north side of the bay gives a real sense of how large San Francisco bay is – after an hour we were still looking across it!

There was a lot of traffic (it was rush hour, after all). BUT we had a secret weapon — there were two of us on the car, and therefore we could go in the car pool lane, something apparently no one else was using. We checked as we were driving along at 70 mph, with everyone else stuck at 40, and sure enough, pretty much every other car had a single occupant.

Then into the mountains (perhaps the Sierra range?), and a late arrival, around 9ish (late by camping standards!). A quick bit of baseball on TV – Craig is slowly teaching me this game – and then a proper bed…ahhhh. 🙂

Days stats…

Odometer… 2482 km (passed the 1500 miles mark now)
Distance… 91.6 km
Time taken… 4hrs 0 mins
Climbed… 1574 m
Avg speed.. 22.9 kph
Avg HR… 131 bpm
Calories… 2031
Max speed… 68.6 kph


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