Day 27: (rest) Truckee and Squaw

Craig asked me a good question last night — what have been the highlights of the ride so far?..
* generosity of strangers
* fast long descents
* swimming in lakes at the end of the day
* the random scout hut
* sunset beach side dinners
* sleeping on the beach
* riding like a roadie again with the three Alex’s
* learning about world touring from Brendan
* the lovely climb with Kelley on day 25.

Got up late. Did washing of bike clothing. Went to meet Shannon at 11. Found out the mini golf closed Sept 2nd, but that there was disc golf at top of mountain – views + disc golf = win!! Got the gondola (they called it a tram?!) up, for $32 a head! But disc golf is free…except the promised shop where we could rent/buy/borrow discs from was closed that day because the store was short staffed. Thanks, could’ve done with knowing that at the bottom, where there are other stores!

Went for hike. Couldn’t quite see Lake Tahoe, due to the smoke from the Yosemite rim fire.nice enough otherwise. Very arid climate.

Then a beer at the top of the mountain, followed by a trip to Mellow Fellow, a bar with over 40 beers on tap! Very tasty! Said goodbye to Shannon, and went to Bar of America, in search of food. Then walked back, learnt more about baseball from Craig, finished the last of the birthday oreos and now am in bed, tired again!

The lesson of this trip for me? Try not to put off to tomorrow, that which can be done today.


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