Day 28: (rest) Truckee / SF

In the morning I went paddle boarding and Craig went kayaking. Conditions were “testing” – ie a strong breeze blowing diagonally on/cross shore was building, making getting out tricky. But was fun enough way to spend an hour. Think I can see the appeal of paddle boarding in a non-windy environment, but not fallen in love with it — in that wind k would’ve rather have been kitesurfing / windsurfing / sailing a skiff.

My card wouldn’t work. I didn’t solve it til I had WiFi and could Skype HSBC. Turned out HSBC had blocked it, because it had been used for small transactions (like $5), which apparently triggers their security. Lesson learnt.

Drove back to SF, dumped stuff in hotel, dropped hire car back – bit of a saga trying to refuel it, as their fuel pumps (1) have pay-at-pump and require you to enter a zip code associated with your credit card, and (2) have some kind of vapour-lock thing which we don’t get in the UK, whereby fuel is only dispensed if you’ve got the pump nozzle in just right. Other observations include (1) cheap fuel (at around 75p/litre it’s half what we pay), (2) diesel pump handles are green, and rarely available, and (3)…?

Once the hire car was returned we grabbed food at a Vietnamese restaurant – total steal, at $20 for the both of us – and headed to the Cal Academy of Sciences for a few hours in the museum; similar to the Night In The Museum that Edinburgh hosts.

Planetarium was cool, grass roof, good views of SF.

Met Kelley at 9, drove to Polk. Had a beer in Kelley’s Irish pub. Then a donut from Bob’s. A second pint, in some other pub, then Kelley drove home (she had stuff to do in the morning) and we went to sleep!


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