Day 29: (rest) SF

Walk, then Rapha.
Lilly’s (?) for breakfast
Walk along piers.
Meet Kelley in Bubba Hump’s Shrimp Shop, then walk along piers to the baseball stadium part of town.
Micro brewery – “21st state” ?
Game. SF Giants won 2-0 and almost had a perfect game (no successful hits from opponents).
Another micro brewery – Rogue.
Area is little Italy; has nice cafe culture.
Bar for a sandwich (“Geralario’s”?).
Calzone for coffee + cake.
Taxi home to bed.


One thought on “Day 29: (rest) SF

  1. Were you drunk when you wrote this? Bubba Gump’s. 21st Amendment. I’ve never heard anyone refer to North Beach as Little Italy. Giordano Bros. Haha. Finally getting a chance to read your blog. Sounds like an awesome trip!! Glad you’ve were able to do so much.

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