Day 30: (rest) SF

Went to top of Twin Peaks, the highest of SF’s hills. Great views of the city. What is it about surveying a landscape from high up that’s so appealing? Whether it’s the window seat of a plane, or a mountain peak, or even a harbour view. Something about being able to see lots of other things happening. Is it instinctive, to find somewhere with good lines of sight so we can see predators/potential prey?

Breakfast in Crepes at Coles, in Richmond. Tried for Zazzis, but a 45min wait on a table for breakfast!

Drove to north beach,walled around. Likewise for hill? The Dow to marina, par, walk down. Busy beach; grab lunch, find a spot, as the America’s Cup boats come racing by. Team NZ win. Comfortably. Round 2 is a down-wind focussed race, better view, same result.

Then back to car. Home via Lombard wiggly. Change, shave, head out. Walk across town to Mexican. Then a couple of bars. Then meet Kelley’s friend at 11.45 (I was ready for bed 15mins ago at least). An hour later, we leave. Taxi home.


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