Day 31: SF to San Gregario

Got up at 7, after a 2am finish last night. Yuck. Showered, check out, on bikes just after 8. Fog!! And cold! For the first time since I’ve been here the famed SF fog has arrived. Like back to 13C. Kelley and Sam tell me that’s more like the norm for around here. The fog on the coast burnt off in some places, but in San Gregario it was there until we left at 3.30pm.

Some steep hills in around SF, short enough but not sure Craig was appreciating them before breakfast!

Stopped in at Pacifica for coffee and a bagel for breakfast.  Headed on 10 miles to Half Moon. Brief pause. Then final 10 miles to San Gregario, ready for Beach Ultimate.

Beach 4s for a few hours, good fun, had a beer afterwards and chatted with Sam.

Then local food market. Moved bags around inside car, in the proves I left my cards/money/phone on the roof. Kelley drove about 1/4 of a mile before we noticed?! Recovered everything okay.

As we headed back Kelley did a bit of a driving tour, but I missed it as I fell asleep.

Got to Beth’s. Had a BBQ whilst watching the late NFL game at Beth’s. Then bananagrams – so glad Dory introduced me to that – and ollaliberry pie.

Days stats…

Odometer… 2540 km
Distance… 58.1 km
Time taken… 2 hrs 40 mins
Climbed… 730 m
Avg speed… 21.8 kph
Avg HR… 127 bpm
Calories… 1161


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