Day 34: New Brighton to Carmel

Rode first section up to Moss Landings with Kelley in morning. Then drove whilst she and Craig rode to Marina, where we had Mexican for lunch.

Then she turned back to Emerald Hills, whilst we went on toward Julie Pfeiffer Burns state park. The extra weight of the panniers on the bikes was a bit of a shock to the system after having ridden for the last week without it. And it proved a bit much for Craig, who could’ve done with an extra ring on his chainset (he was running a compact rather than a double). We decided to stop to consider, in Carmel-by-the-sea, and after a pause Craig was certain he was done. So we found a hotel – on Oliver Road of all places – and headed out to at least finish the day on a high.

Odometer.. ??
Distance.. 79.5 km
Climbed.. 775 m
Time taken.. 3 hrs 56 mins
Avg speed.. 20.1 kph
Avg HR.. 127 bpm
Calories… 1955 cal
Max speed… 64.9 kph


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