Route Plan: Paso Robles to Memorial Park (finish)

Can’t quite believe that in 10 days I’ll have reached the end of this ride. Wow.

37, Sat 14th: Meet at Firestone Brewery in Paso at 2.30. Eat, probably leave around 4pm.  Craig drives to LA.  Kelley and I cycle/travel the 75km to Pismo/Arroyo Grande. Stay in Ocean Dunes or Piano Beach State Parks (close, maybe 2 miles apart).

38, Sun 15th: 125 km (78 miles) to Refugio State Beach — it has palm trees!! 75 km to Lomboc. Kelley drives there, cycles out, we meet and cycle in together, have lunch — Floriano’s Mexican (319 E Ocean) has great reviews and does tri-tip burritos; the Jalama Beach Cafe (400 E Ocean) has good reviews as a backup. Then onward for the 51 km to the campsite. Decide at lunch whether it’ll be me or Kelley driving ahead/doubling back.

39, Mon 16th: morning ride with Kelley, 37 km (23 miles) to Santa Barbara. She turns back at lunch. I go on a further 82 km (50 miles) to Point Mugu state park.

40, Tues 17th: In the morning go the 37 km (23 miles) to Malibu. Spend day chilling, stay in Motel.

41, Weds 18th: Go the 40km (25 miles) to LA to see Kevin in Koreatown.

42, Thurs 19th: 110 km to San Clemente state campground.

43, Fri 20th: 46 km to Carlsbad Calavera park, before noon (for ultimate). Stay at Rob’s.

44, Sat 21st: catch up on emails, and then…relax! Stay at Rob’s.

45, Sun 22nd: leave at midday. Cycle 42 km to the transit centre in Old Town, San Diego.
Current plan (but may change): call Peggy from Solana Beach, which is about 11 km south of Rob’s. Meet her at the transit centre and cycle back together.

46, Mon 23rd: Morning cycle 52km (26km each way) to friendship park, which is at the border, and back, or maybe get the “trolley” back. Afternoon – explore SD. Stay with Peggy.

47, Tues 24th: source a bike box from somewhere. Explore SD. Maybe play some pickup, or get a kite-surfing lesson. Stay with Peggy.

48, Weds 25th: take apart and box up George. 😦 More explore San Diego. Stay with Peggy.

49, Thurs 26th: Be at airport by 10.00am?
Flight 1 — AC778 at 12.55 from T2, Lindberg Field S. Diego (SAN), landing Toronto Pearson (T1) at 20.42.
** 1hr 13mins layover **
Flight 2 — AC862 at 21.55 from T1, landing in LHR (on Fri!) at 10.00 in T3.
** 1.5hrs to change terminals **
Flight 3 — BA1442 at 11:40 from TLHR T5, landing Edinburgh (EDI) at 13:00


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