Day 37: Paso Robles to Coastal Dunes

In morning just sauntered around Paso Robles downtown, had coffee in the Amsterdam Coffeehouse, worked a bit in the library.  At 2.30 I cycled the couple of km to the outskirts of town to meet Craig and Kelley at Firestone Brewery. We ate our last group meal, then drove down to the planned campsite, as that maximised the remaining time I got to spend with Kelley, and she seemed a little too worn out to be enthusiastic about a ride.

The planned campsite – that is the one that had told me was good for hiker/biker told me upon pur arrival that Nope, we don’t so hiker/biker, and nor does the next state park. The next option was the county place (Coastal Dunes RV Park and Campground) a couple of miles down the road, that charged me $13 for hiker/biker, and then $12 more for the car. Well, whatever, we were in.

Drove down ON to the beach and sat and chatted as the last light drained post-sunset and the stars came out. Had a beer each and some nibbles. With it being a Saturday night lots of people were down on the beach with their pickups having BBQs and parties. But the beach was so big that it wasn’t crowded at all, just nice to have the hustle and bustle.

About 10pm we headed into downtown (where were we?). Found a diner, and split some chowder and chilli fries.

On our way out two groups of teenagers, looking like two rival football teams, kicked off. Glad to see some things just don’t change no matter where in the world you go.


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