Day 39: Refugio to Point Mugu

Up early. Set off earlish (?) toward Santa Barbara — our lunch spot. I had a lovely morning ride, met Kelley around 8km out, we cycled in together. Got coffee. Wandered around town. Lovely place. Grabbed sandwiches and sat in park chatting. Another coffee, and then it was time to go our separate ways.

I got on the road about 3.30, heading for McGrath State Campground. I made good speed, over flat ground, with a tailwind and with only a few photo  stops, covering the ?50km? in about 2.5hrs. Unfortunately it was completely cordoned off and closed. Great.

Mr Garmin told me the next campground was another 30km so along I went, arriving just after sunset at 7.15pm. It had minimal facilities for campers — no hike/bike rate, no showers, portaloos not proper loos, parking bays for RVs, a single drinking water tap for the entire site.  The whole thing existed in the narrow strip of sand that lay between the main road (the 1, a dual-carriageway at this point) and the sea. I ended up having a nighttime skinny dip for my shower, not ideal, and though warmer than Washington, still a little nippy!

The campsite want $35 for the almost-nothing they provide, so I’m just going to clear out early and see if I can skip out in the morning without paying.

Day’s stats…
Odometer… 3034 km
Distance… > 98.0 km
Climbed…391 m
Time taken… > 3 hrs 53 mins
Avg SPD… 25.2 kph
Avg HR… 129 bpm
Calories… >1603


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