Day 41: Malibu to Koreatown (LA)

Got up late. Cycled along beachfront to Venice beach, then up Venice boulevard into Korea town. Got to Kevin’s at 1.30. Had some lunch (homecooked Korean noodles and sushi).

Sat and chatted until about 4. Then I off loaded my bags, and cycled George up to the Hollywood Hills, where the Griffith Observatory is. Got there an hour before sunset. Looked around half the exhibits, ate in cafe, watched the sunset, saw the rest of the exhibits, saw LA light up, saw the moon rise, and as I waited for the telescopes to be set up, I noticed a full-size adult deer strolling through the woods not 20ft (below, and out from the fence) from us. Nobody else noticed it, and it seemed completely unphased by the 100-strong group of visitors walking around upstairs!

And then they brought out the telescopes. Venus was up, as is common, but isn’t much to look at so they picked up Saturn. I looked through one of the telescopes and saw the RINGS of Saturn. To put that into context — most of us know Saturn has rings, indeed I’ve seen many photos of them, but I have never actually looked at them with my own eyes. The image through the telescope is nowhere near as good as the photos I’ve seen, but I’m looking at it WITH MY OWN EYES!  That is a fundamentally different experience — in that moment I felt excitement, as I’m sure Galileo (or whoever it was) must’ve felt when he first saw them.

After that I cycled back across LA to Koreatown. Had a quick chat with Victor, and then he, Kevin and I chatted with the centre leader about their form of meditation (“Maum Meditation”, in case you’re interested).

Then to bed!

Days stats…
Hmm, the Garmin has a messed up record for it. It does say…
Distance… 60.49 km
Time taken.. 2hrs 54mins
Climbed… No idea, but a bit in the hills.


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