Day 42: Koreatown to San Clemente

Left at 9am. Mr Garmin playing up (saying can’t route me), so I followed my hunch, first to Main Street, then south all the way to the sea. Got to go through Compton, amongst other areas. Not noticeably worse, but definitely a poorer area neighbourhood.

Cycled slowly til about 11. Not sure why, but legs felt a bit leaden, and lots of traffic lights (how does anyone get Anywhere in this town?!) meant it took longer to get them warmed up. Thankfully it was all flat. About 11 I was at Wilmington, and turning off Main St to head southward to Long Beach, Newport, etc.

At that point the sun came out, and I had a great run down the coast, on a bike path along the beach.

Got to Newport beach about 3. Italian for lunch. Mixed anitpasti, followed by a rich creamy blue-cheese sauce Gnocchi, which was stuffed with spinach. Yum.

Restarted about 4. Hadn’t realised it was another 40km (was thinking it was more like 10). Still, nice enough afternoon ride. Not quick, but I’m perfectly capable of just switching off and putting the miles under the belt. On this section I noticed (1) that I got to go on a ferry (for 1000ft, but cool, all the same — at $1.50 for the crossimg, and $4/gallon it was about the equivalent as a car that gets 0.5mpg!) and (2) there are a LOT of expensive properties on the coast south of LA.

Got to San Clemente. Planned campsite was meant to be San Mateo, a little inland, but as Mr Garmin was playing up I slowed when I spotted another (beach-front) site, swung by, asked, and they gave me a cheap hiker/biker rate even though they didn’t have any official hiker/biker spots. Nice!

Quick shower, and then headed into town for wifi, and a slow pint. Tired though, so after planning tomorrow’s route it’ll be off to bed!

Except it wasn’t. After finishing the first beer, and sampling+rejecting options for a 2nd, I went a couple of doors down to a Hawaiian place called Haju. There kitchen had just closed but they squeezed in a mixed-plate for me, which was great, and I spent a happy hour chatting to two filmmakers (primarily documentaries) sat at the bar next to me.

Odometer… 3242 km
Distance… 114.6 km
Climbed… 475 m
Time taken… 5 hrs 28 mins
Avg speed.. 20.9 kph
Avg HR… 120 bpm
Calories… 2057


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