Day 43: San Clemente to Carlsbad

Rode the 44km into Carlsbad. I rode the first 20km over military bases that skirted the freeway.

Once I was forced/allowed (both, in equal measure), to join it I saw a black 4*4 pulled up king the whole of the shoulder. Grrreat. I was going to have to pull out into the traffic. Move accomplished and thinking of suitable derogatory comment for driver when Lo! turns out it was Victor-the-Ferrari-mechanic from the car repair company I had met outside of Malibu! He was on his way to San Diego, had spotted me and pulled over especially to say hi and wish me luck!

As came through Oceanside a bicycle shop owner spotted me and shouted “nearly there, keep it up!”, and then as I got into Carlsbad I met two guys in their 50s who were riding Santa Cruz — San Diego, credit-card style who were friendly. Another set of the countless examples of the friendly nature and generosity of people out here.

Despite having a taking-it-easy first riding hour I had arrived in Carlsbad early, around 11.15, so grabbed food in a diner. Pumpkin pancakes, with bacon on the side, in honour of Kelley’s big 3-0. Sorry I couldn’t be riding with you to celebrate it pal! Tasty, but slow service, got out of restaurant at 12.

Dashed the 5km up to the pitches (on the top of a hill). And straight on! Then played 1.5hrs of pickup ulti, 3 teams of 7, play 2 points, then switch. Good fun, and seemed to fit in okay, and felt good to be on a pitch again. But about 10mina from the end I got really bad tightness (not full cramping) in my left calf.

Then drove to Rob’s, chatted for an hour or so whilst he showed me round his new baby — Grand Theft Auto 5. Then a quick shower and lots of rolling pin action in that tight thigh before cycling – well, mostly freewheeling! – the 6km downhill to downtown Encinitas.

Nice enough town, rode around, then grabbed a very late lunch (a green veg smoothie, like mum used to have…mistake…yuk!, a slice of cake, a beer, and some nachos) before the ride back up the hill.

Sat and chatted with Rob, his wife Jana, and their business partner. Sounds like exciting times for them, just setting out on the lath of their own business. Risky, but I have a lot of respect for them, and unsurprisingly Rob is reading everything he can to become an expert on it double-quick!

We headed out around 9 and grabbed some dinner at a local mexican place. I finally got around to chimichangas — I’d been loving burritos too much to give one a shot, but glad I did, it was good. Back to the house, and more GTA5, this time me playing. Good immersive game, but I’d rapidly become bored if there weren’t missions to do. I’m so not goal-orientated :p

Odometer… 3293 km
Distance.. 56.6km
Climbed.. 408 m
Time taken.. 2 hrs 33 mins
Avg speed.. 19.8 kph
Avg HR.. 109 bpm
Calories.. 1049


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