Day 45: Encinitas to La Mesa

Despite getting in at 3.30, Rob, the nutter, got up at 6 to go surfing. I slept in til 8, and got up as he returned.

First thing I realise that day is that the washing is done, in a machine – woohoo! It’s the small things, but so nice to be able to put on properly clean clothes — thanks Jana and Rob!!

Tidied up, hung out with Rob and chatted about his previous day where he had been watching a League of Legends gamer competition. Despite the strongly geek-leaning audience, it sounded like it was a good spectacle.

Then we headed out to the Naked Cafe for lunch with Jana, Rob and Kristen. Lunch was super tasty – I had their chicken and avocado quesadilla.

Rob drove me to the edge of San Diego, and I biked the last 5 km to meet Peggy. An easy ride, especially with Mr Garmin working again (south of LA he had been very temperamental, complaining of unroutable roads). Along the way I went down a 16% hill, which led into a bowl – ie every way out is a climb, and some bright spark had put a stop at the bottom of the bowl. Gee. Thanks. What a waste of potential energy.

Peg and I met in the old town, outside of the San Diego House Coffee and Tea shop at 3 pm. We sat and chatted, swapping travel stories for about an hour before jumping on the bikes and pedalling the 12 pleasant miles out to La Mesa where she lives. Oh, and I should have said earlier, its been bright sunshine and clear skies all day, a pleasant 27C in the afternoon.

At Peggy and Dave’s we chatted a bit of science, climate change, mitigation, Google, political systems, etc. Interesting stuff, and tasty dinner.

Odometer… 3319 km
Distance… 26.2 km
Climbed… 276 m
Time taken… 1 hrs 19 mins
Avg speed… 19.9 kph
Avg HR… n/a
Calories… 986


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