Day 48: (rest) La Mesa

Got up at six, cycled up Mount Helix, and watched the sun rise.

Went to bike shop at 10 to pack up George. Spent first hour cleaning him. Not a proper wash, but a reasonable attempt. He has picked up a lot of knocks, which means a fair bit of touch-up paint when I’m back.

The owner Joe has owned the store for 8 years, and before that worked in various other bike stores since he was a teenager. He said there wasn’t really a ,mechanic school, you just sort of learn as you go, but that the majority of repairs are the at the basic end of the spectrum.

Next up comes the wrapping (half hour), and then wrestling with fitting George into the box Joe had provided. Half an hour later, various combinations tried, and still no joy. It seemed to boil down to needing the box to be long enough to accommodate both the inverted frame and the rear wheel. The box I had, at 52″ long couldn’t quite do this.

Thankfully bike boxes vary in size with frame type (road is bigger than mountain) and frame size. I went across the road to Performance cycles and got a box for a 60cm framed bike (big! – 59″ long) and everything slotted in fine. At this point Peggy arrives, worries that it had been 3hrs since she had dropped me off and she had yet to hear from me! With the right sized box everything fitted within it, and it was packed and taped up inside of ten minutes. That included..

1* frame,
2* wheels,
2* mudguards,
2* water bottles (filled with small loose bits),
1* saddle,
1* seat post,
2* spare tyres,
3* spare inner tubes,
4* pannier bags, 1* saddle bag, 1* bar bag,
2* racks,
1* tent,
1* roll mat,
1* sleeping bag,

Lunch – ranchos huevos – at the Mission Cafe, run by a friend of Peggy’s. More chat about life. Back to Peggy’s, via postcard shopping. Found out US had won Americas Cup. A quiet evening in.


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