Route Plan: Paso Robles to Memorial Park (finish)

Can’t quite believe that in 10 days I’ll have reached the end of this ride. Wow.

37, Sat 14th: Meet at Firestone Brewery in Paso at 2.30. Eat, probably leave around 4pm.  Craig drives to LA.  Kelley and I cycle/travel the 75km to Pismo/Arroyo Grande. Stay in Ocean Dunes or Piano Beach State Parks (close, maybe 2 miles apart).

38, Sun 15th: 125 km (78 miles) to Refugio State Beach — it has palm trees!! 75 km to Lomboc. Kelley drives there, cycles out, we meet and cycle in together, have lunch — Floriano’s Mexican (319 E Ocean) has great reviews and does tri-tip burritos; the Jalama Beach Cafe (400 E Ocean) has good reviews as a backup. Then onward for the 51 km to the campsite. Decide at lunch whether it’ll be me or Kelley driving ahead/doubling back.

39, Mon 16th: morning ride with Kelley, 37 km (23 miles) to Santa Barbara. She turns back at lunch. I go on a further 82 km (50 miles) to Point Mugu state park.

40, Tues 17th: In the morning go the 37 km (23 miles) to Malibu. Spend day chilling, stay in Motel.

41, Weds 18th: Go the 40km (25 miles) to LA to see Kevin in Koreatown.

42, Thurs 19th: 110 km to San Clemente state campground.

43, Fri 20th: 46 km to Carlsbad Calavera park, before noon (for ultimate). Stay at Rob’s.

44, Sat 21st: catch up on emails, and then…relax! Stay at Rob’s.

45, Sun 22nd: leave at midday. Cycle 42 km to the transit centre in Old Town, San Diego.
Current plan (but may change): call Peggy from Solana Beach, which is about 11 km south of Rob’s. Meet her at the transit centre and cycle back together.

46, Mon 23rd: Morning cycle 52km (26km each way) to friendship park, which is at the border, and back, or maybe get the “trolley” back. Afternoon – explore SD. Stay with Peggy.

47, Tues 24th: source a bike box from somewhere. Explore SD. Maybe play some pickup, or get a kite-surfing lesson. Stay with Peggy.

48, Weds 25th: take apart and box up George. 😦 More explore San Diego. Stay with Peggy.

49, Thurs 26th: Be at airport by 10.00am?
Flight 1 — AC778 at 12.55 from T2, Lindberg Field S. Diego (SAN), landing Toronto Pearson (T1) at 20.42.
** 1hr 13mins layover **
Flight 2 — AC862 at 21.55 from T1, landing in LHR (on Fri!) at 10.00 in T3.
** 1.5hrs to change terminals **
Flight 3 — BA1442 at 11:40 from TLHR T5, landing Edinburgh (EDI) at 13:00


Route plan: Mendocino to Paso Robles

25, Mon 2nd: 150 km (93 miles) from Van Damme State park to Bodega Bay Dunes

26, Tues 3rd: Cycle (at least 110 km) to San Francisco. Late lunch. Leave bikes with Kelley. Pick up hire car, drive to Truckee/Tahoe.

27, Weds 4th: Meet Shannon Decker at 9 (cough…11.30am) at a local coffee house. Go to Squaw, up mountain for views of Lake Tahoe. Play disc golf. Then into town for beers.

28, Thurs 5th: morning in Tahoe paddle boarding. Then drive back to SF for 3.30, dump stuff at Hotel, then return hire car by 5, and on to the Cal Academy of Science (Golden Gate Park) for a party from 6.30–10. Kelley to arrive at 8.30/9. Stay at Holiday Inn Civic Centre for next three nights.

29, Fri 6th: explore SF. Alcatraz at 12pm. Baseball game – San Francisco Giants vs Arizona Diamondbacks – at 7.15pm.

30, Sat 7th: Explore San Francisco. Watch Americas Cup matches. Out in evening.

31, Sun 8th: Cycle 65 km (40 miles, 3-4hrs) to San Gregario. Play beach frisbee 1-3.30. Farmers market on way to Ruth’s (Palo Alto), then chill whilst watching the late NFL game and BBQ!

32, Mon 9th: Computer day — Cupertino for Apple in morning. Lunchtime goaltie 12.30. Afternoon at Google (Mountain View). Evening drinks with Sam. Possible day ride is Old La Honda, or Kings Road. Stay in Palo Alto at Ruth’s.

33, Tues 10th: Cycle 83.2 km (52 miles) to Santa Cruz. Boardwalk at night. Camping at New Brighton State Park.

34, Weds 11th: rode to Carmel. Stayed in Motel.

35, Thurs 12th: Craig left in hire car. I ride on, 140 km (85 miles) down to San Simeon State campground.

36, Fri 13th: 53 km (33 miles) inland to Paso Robles. No camping available so find a motel.

Half now of days done. How is my body doing?

I am halfway through my holiday, though the first 10 days or so were not cycling. And I’m just about to hit the thousand mile mark, so it seems a good point to check in on my body..

I don’t appear to have any constant aches, which is nice. What I do have, occurs infrequently..

* Had been getting pain in right shoulder early on in ride, but hasn’t reappeared of late.
* Minor shooting pain (sciatica?) in low back/bum region, left side.
* Numbness in hands, a few days ago.
* At end of longer days often get pain in lower neck/upper back – that seems simple, it’s just the posture.
* More commonly, pain in a ligament in the back of my left knee.

Nothing there that (yet) seems too bad, which is nice.

My tent

I have a Black Diamond Mesa tent.  It comes with internal ties for an ‘attic’ ($18), and one can buy an optional footprint (about $30) that would make it easier to put up in the rain, I think.  I’m going to try using rope ties to make use of both of these w/out the purchase.

Oh, and separately, it has guys, but I haven’t worked out how best to attach those yet :S  I’ll just give it a go later today, I guess.

Route Plan: Aberdeen to Mendocino

9, Sat 17th: Day off.  Stay in Twin Harbour State Park.

10, Sun 18th: 80 miles, to Cape Disappointment State Park. Raymond about 1/3 of way in, then nothing much until the town at the end.

11, Mon 19th: 50 miles to Jones Beach (free). Stop for lunch in Astoria.

12, Tues 20th: 113 km (70 miles) to Portland.

13, Weds 21st: Sightsee in Portland — see list on bit of paper from bike shop.

14, Thurs 22nd: do work / sightsee. Leave in afternoon. Head 40km (25 miles) to Wilsonville for Fry’s. Then on 17 miles to stay at Champoeg State Heritage Area.

15, Fri 23rd: 142 km (88 miles) via due West to Willamina, then Northwest on 22 to Cape Lookout State Park.

16, Sat 24th: 103 km (64 miles) to South Beach State Park.

17, Sun 25th: Check out Newport and Southbeach (12km). Cycle 26 km (16 miles) on to Beachside.

18, Mon 26th: 118km (73 miles) to Coos Bay. Stay in a motel in town?

19, Tues 27th: 76.5 km (48 miles) to Cape Blanco State Park

20, Weds 28th: ??+88.7km (65 miles) to Harris Beach State Park

21, Thurs 29th: 100.9 km (63 miles) to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

22, Fri 30th: 80 km (50 miles) to Eureka – stay with Brendan’s connections.

23, Sat 31st: 126 km (86 miles) to Richardson Grove State Park

24, Sun 1st: 97 km (60 miles) to Fort Bragg – be there by 3! Meet Kelley and Craig. Then 16 km (10 miles) to Mendocino for dinner. Then 5 km (3 miles) to campsite at Van Damme.

A little more on weight of stuff

George weighs 17.1kg.  That’s him w/out water bottles or panniers bags, but with saddle bag, handlebar bag, carbo-bag, pump, bottle+pannier racks, in addition to the fixed extras (dyno hub, USB top-cap).  Heavier than I was expecting, to be honest.

In addition..

  • each front pannier bag weighs 0.8kg
  • each rear pannier bag weighs 1.0kg (despite being quite a bit bigger!)
  • Tent + dry-bag is 2.7kg
  • My clothes are 2.6kg, with jeans+belt adding another 0.9kg
  • Toilitries are 1.7kg (!)
  • Spare cycle gear (red jacket, spare bib, 2x spare jerseys, 1bag to hold) is 0.9kg
  • My red shoes are 0.7kg !
  • Sleeping bag+compression bag is 0.6kg
  • medi kit is 0.6kg
  • paper maps is 0.3kg
  • charger+adapter is 0.2kg
  • head torch 0.1kg

I also carry up to 3.7kg in water (2.1 in my platypus, the remainder in bottles).

The individual bags hold..

  • Front Left (3.5) = Sleeping bag, spare cycle clothes, medi-kit, paper maps, head torch
  • Front right (3.5) = spares tyres+tubes, pedal tool, + food
  • Rear left (5.7) = filled platypus,  shoes, jeans, roll mat, charger&adapter, small paperwork, bike lock
  • Rear centre (2.7) = tent, spork
  • Rear right (5.5) = clothes, toiletries, gift

So all in, that’s 79.4kg of me, plus 17.1kg of George, and 20.9kg of baggage, to make 117.4kg that has to go up each hill!

Also, I culled about 2.4kg of clothes & assorted items.  I may yet add the jeans, some medi-kit stuff, the carbo-bag, and one of my two spare tyres to that.

GPS Tracking for family/friends…

Quite a few family members have asked about how to track my ride now.  I had, and mostly still do, intend to merely rely on sporadic updates of twitter/fb as and when I can find a cafe. with WiFi. But I also looked into the alternatives, which is primarily going via satellite.

The main one (by which of course I mean the one that came up quickest on google) seems to be a company called SPOT.  Two of their products look suitable: the Gen3, and the Connect.  The Gen3 sends updates, roughly every 10mins whilst you’re moving.  In the states it costs US$150 (plus taxes) for the unit, and then subscription at US$50/year.  It uses AAA batteries, but can charge them via USB ( 🙂 ) and it weighs 114g.

The Connect acts as a modem, b/wn your smartphone and the internet, via the satellite.  It costs US$170, plus US$99/year.  It weighs 130g, takes 2x batteries, and I’ve no idea how it charges.

Either can be bought from BestBuy, and are waterproof.  Obviously it would be cheapest to buy in Oregon (a saving of some 8%, or US$12) but that is a good 1/3 of the way through the trip.  I had a look on their website for Canadian pricing: they are both Ca$170 =US$163, making the Connect cheaper in Canada, and the Gen3 more expensive. Weird.

Or of course, if I’d be been better organised, I could’ve sourced an previous generation from ebay. They appear to be about $30-$50 for the Gen1 models; I can’t see any Gen2/Gen3 models up there.  Downsides: Gen1 doesn’t let you know whether your msg sent successfully, and had problems with sending the messages.  Either way, would still need to pay the $50/year subscription.